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Battlefield Tours


The branch organises battlefield tours each year for members, which include an outing in Spring time, and another in the Summer. 


The Spring Walk is, as the name suggests, a walking tour across the battlefield and every year a different location is chosen. The group size is  around 15 people, and usually based on the Somme battlefield, typically for 3 days following a specific theme, eg VC's, Casualty Clearing operations, etc.

The Summer Tour is a longer trip and, as with the Spring Walk, has a theme or follows a specific action or Division. This tends to be larger in size, with up to 32 people over 4 or 5 days. We have travelled and stayed in most of the destinations where major events took place. Sometimes we find a guide from amongst ourselves but also we do employ top class guides from the wider First World War historian fraternity.

Throughout the Centenary, the Suffolk Branch has also organised a series of tours in conjunction with The Friends of the Suffolk Regiment following the story of the Regiment in each particular year.


As these tours are run on a cost recovery basis with no profit element they are often much cheaper than commercial offerings. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere make them an ideal way for 'first timers' to see the battlefields and new members (and friends and family) are always welcome.

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